49 comments on “Disney christmas parade!, Year End Poll Results

  1. Hi Anne and Lily, Merrrrrry Christmas to you, ladies! Thank you for posting. I thought you are off today! You are all so faithful!!!!!

    Did you have a great time today?

  2. Wowww! Best song of the year, Best pop album of the year and David Archuleta is one of the ten best artists of this year, 2008! What a Christmas gift to all his fans.

    So All the Best(s) belong to David Archuleta next year,2009!!!!!!!

  3. hehe, I was at my bro’s place in Ipoh. No internet connection there 😦 so I was MIA for a couple of days, lol

    Did you have a fun Christmas? πŸ™‚


  4. Not so much fun, but pretty sweet and laid back!!!
    That is great for me. I just need some quiet but yet meaningful time with friends.
    I just came home from a big Malaysian feast, at a All Malaysians annual gathering. Yes, you are right, all Malaysians, they have gatherings, 2 or 3 times a year. i joined them occassionally, on Christmas mainly. It lasts from 4 pm right up to midnight!!! No liquour nor gambling. Mostly families with children and church members. I was the first one to arrive and first one to leave.
    I can’t afford to stay up so late, moreover, it’s too stressful surrounded by delicious food. I mean having to exercise self-control when facing such temptations. Yeah all those: Malaysian curry, bak kut teh, assam laksa, bubu chacha, yong tau foo, Char Kuay teoh… etcc.
    I was expecting some rendang and nasi lemak but there weren’t any. A great treat for me once a year. PITIFUL!!!!!

  5. Wow Eunice, Seems like you had a blast to me. πŸ™‚ and all those food…. Yummy yummy!! but too bad no Nasi lemak lol, but it’s ok you are coming back soon πŸ™‚ .

    I had a great time too. I get to spend time with my family and I had fun joining in the celebration πŸ™‚

  6. That is great, get to spend time with your family.
    So you will be leaving home again for your studies in February?

  7. Hey Eunice good morning or evening depending on where you are πŸ™‚

    Ready for another marathon posting session? haha
    Hope Kylie logs on as we need an “engine” hehe

  8. Sooooo I am waiting for the marathon to start.
    Who is going first? I am not good at starting one.
    Where is the ” budding fusion genius?”

  9. It is unfair, 5 against 1. I have to eliminate 1 by 1 then. Let’s play the elimination game,ok?
    You have to answer “yes” or “no’.

  10. Actually come to think of it my name does start with the letter “L”. Hah too much christmas partying πŸ™‚

  11. Do you forget your name often? Whooo, sounds a little “mabuk” to me. Don’t tell me you drank a little oo much last night. Having hang over?

  12. Please don’t try to confuse me here.
    I asked if your name STARTS with a “L”?
    You just have to answer.”yes” or “no”, and NOTHING else.

    And anonymous is the same person too.

  13. lolll..eunice,anonymous and lily..u 3 sure know have ways on filling up time and comments hehehe. how was christmas eunice? great to hear that u have an annual msian gathering!so much fun!! oh i miss yong tau foo. i havent eaten that in ages =/


  14. oh.. playing guessing game ar??? Eunice it’s not me! haha and who is anonymous? show yourself. lol! πŸ˜›

  15. Oh! I couldn’t wait to finish this game. I fell asleep on the oouch, while waiting for the player to respond. Sorry! Whoever you are, please reveal your identity!!!

  16. Aren’t you the same person, Anonymous?
    You still want to continue this game here?
    I will have to get some help from the others.

    3 down, not Anne, not Lily, not Justine either, so it must be either John or Kylie!!!!!

  17. I’m not the ‘Anonymous’ you are looking for though (diff person). Isn’t it obvious that he’s john ?

  18. cause you are john obviously. look at your pic. and you sound like a man in his 40’s trying to be cool too. πŸ˜€

  19. Hmm, I have to make a decision here. The first anonymous is John and the second anonymous is Kylie!

    Both of you are rather mischievious!!!

    That’s my conclusion!!!

  20. Ok anonymous 2. I have NO idea who you are.
    The nearest person in mind is Starfusion, fusion and whatever……He did use anonymous sometime ago.

    I see, you are trying to drag this on.Well, it is over 40 comments by now. So you will have to be more creative to keep this going. I may have to resign from this guessing game. Evidently, I am lousy in this.

    Calling all other AAM gang to join this anonymous 2. He/she is very lonely now……..and I have to go…..

  21. Just to stray off alittle here. Is the new movie, “Benjamin Button” showing over in M’sia now?

  22. lol…. Annonymous number 2 sounds like StarFusion.

    I shall be a bit early and go “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID!!!!” cuz I won’t be online at midnight tonight. I don’t think I can ever forget 28th Dec because its David’s bday and its going to be my sister’s wedding! Whoot!

    Happy birthday, David!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Well Anonymous at 12.45 pm and at 1.04 pm, I’m the real Anonymous and you guys are imposters!

    And I’m not trying to be cool……I JUST AM:-)

    The film “Benjamin Button” is not being shown yet.


  24. Hey, so John, you are the Original anonymous then! Ok, the puzzle is solved.

    If this film “Benjamin Button” comes to Msia, it is worth spending your money for 3 hours! I saw it yesterday.

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