8 comments on “HOUSTONNNN Jingle Jam, Another OHN vid, David Buzzz

  1. Hey guys!! David actually reminds me of this guy at school who I have a crush on! He looks A LOT like him!!! But different voice OF COURSE! But he’s a cutie just like David! I am a fan of David Archuleta since I first saw him on AI. At first, I like him simply because he looks like my crush. LOL! But now he’s number 1 on my top 10 cute guys list. Used to be my crush! hahaha..

    GO ARCHIE!!!!

  2. This is what i saw when I’m in davidarchuletafanblast.com/

    This was included in this morning’s blitz.

    Don’t forget to nominate David for top album of the year on Billboard’s site! Today’s the LAST day to send them in!

    The top 10 artists will be announced this Wednesday, December 10th!

    You can only vote ONCE per IP address. Thanks to the fans for pointing this out!



  3. Ahhhhh…. more videos! Can’t watch them now. 😦 no speakers. I bet he did well again!

    AAM, I read somewhere, I can’t remember which site, that noted that David was singing”deaf”. His earpiece didn’t work, so he couldn’t hear the band. Anyway of finding out if it was true? Cause if he managed to sing well “deaf”, then I’ve no words to say.

  4. Lynn, still waiting for confirmation about the non-functioning earpiece. 🙂

    He is very musical and he is relying on his musical instincts and probably the drum beats to guide him. Plus we all know that he is has “out-of-this-world” pitch.

    We have run out of superlatives (words) to describe him when we post about him.

  5. hey archangels! please join the malaysian archangels group on david’s official website (http:\\www.davidarchuleta.com) we need more support from malaysia! thanks a bunch:)

  6. oops…i didnt realize that AAM actually posted about the album of the year in Billboard until Kylie told me.

  7. Are you guys listening to Chum live stream – he shld come on around 7.30am (which is our time – 8.30pm). The links to the site is on FOD and snarkyarchies.

  8. I vorted on the album of the year (who wouldnt for David J Archuleta? I thin the deadine was yesterday. NOw I am off to pray to thank our Father for David J Arhuleta an also ask if The Lord would blessed David J Archleta for album for the year. Honestly, his huge fan base can do it!!
    Sweet dreams angels & archies ❤

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