64 comments on “AOL Interviews, New BLOG!, FlyFM News & Day 5 audio

  1. Oooooo!!! David watches Twilight too!!!! πŸ˜€
    um anyway, how did u (anne) always keep us updated in time?! i mean don’t u have to sleep or something?:P

  2. Good morning, Jun Hou! What were you doing in the wee hours of the morning?

    Thank you for posting the interview!

    What an insightful young man! So mature for a boy of 17 going 18. Just love him for his attitude and gratitude.

  3. Anne & Jun Hou, you guys are night owls.
    Hi Eunice! David’s one in the million…

    TOUCH MY HAND from AOL!!!!!!!
    It’s so goooooood!!
    “Something about your beautiful faceeeeeeeeeeeeee”….woooo!
    David was confident and the band was awesome.
    Truly exceeded my expectations.

    How long did David & the band practised before they recoorded the AOL sessions?
    Incredible live sounds. Will only better with experience and bonding.


  4. So I asked Sony about ALTNOY debuting on Fly FM well before its official release in the USA.

    “Yes, they are playing spot plays on that song.”

    Don’t ask me what spot plays mean.

    Testing water? I dont see why they need to when it’s the official 2nd single.

    Or pre-release buzz to build familiarity? I don’t see how the power and force of Msian ArchAngels can’t get that song busting the buzzzzzzzzz scale within days. The next best thing to David James Archuleta are the ArchAngels.

    I’ll ask again next time. Or Elicia….”do your thang”.

  5. *waves* Hey guys!!

    Wow Jun Hou, you were here at 3.29am???

    I ❀ the AOL interviews…hahaha love the ‘whooooo’ at meeting Seal XD and also that air guitar part…lol That boy never fails to crack me up!!

  6. lol i cant live without computer for more than 1 day D: just got back frm a party and i wanna get more updates on david LOL. so yeah..

  7. Listening to Rick Dee’s Weekly Top 40 now.
    Hitz 92.90 for Klang Valley

    YES! David is supposed to be a guest on the show, probably a bit later. The countdown is at 36.

  8. what?!!?? i’m dream or not?!?! archie watch Twilight?!?!? so cool….. man always be the man….. i’m sure if i have a chance…. archuleta will be my friends…..ha ha ha ha……..

  9. I’m cooking dinner every night while listening to MWC (and watching AI in those good old days) – so yeah – we are good at multitasking – talents we discovered upon contracting ODD lol!

    No15 on AT40 – seems to have stalled there (oh yeah – we also learn to listen to different things with each side of our ears lol!)

    No David yet on Rick Dees….

    Uhhmmm – so Kylie, I’m now the official Flyfm telephone spammer?? LOL They have been good to us – I love how Jules responded to my email and announced Crush is platinum haha – and Prem kinda forced himself to say “good job Arch Angels”

    OHOH David coming up!!!!

  10. Haha. Elicia. Multi-Tasker FTW!!!!
    My husband gets frustrated with me switching between AT40 and Rick Dees…lol.

    Oh yeah! I forgot to mention about Prem & Jules talking about an email from “Elicia”. See, no effort is wasted! You must been very compelling in the email.

    DAVID IS ON!!! Rick Dee is an ARCHIE

  11. fav food: thai food
    fav drink: water
    fav pet : hamster
    fav sport: running, the cross (like street hockey)

    rick: can you come back for another weekly top 40?
    david: sure

    Is that all?

  12. Hehe, yes, orange juice.

    Oh, it’s lacrosse.

    He was like rambling a bit about the hamster.. lol

    I hope there’s more!

  13. I just checked Rick’s website – he shld be on till no 1. Strange no one picked this up – he was featured to be on as guest on the website.

  14. Yeah, I was wondering why US & international fans didnt know about this?????

    Why is Hitz Online Streaming not working???
    Just mean that I cant record the audio…sorry guys.


  15. I would if I can BUT the Hitz streaming AIN’T working and I dont know why!!! Urrghh.

    Elicia, can you stream? Need an account first.


  16. Did David take a quick nap there? No sound fm him yet haha! I remember Jesse McCartney was on till the end when he was a guest…

  17. I saw some podcast (mp3) on the website. Hopefully there’s one with David later.

    I think so too…AT40 is more popular than WT40. Lucky us, we have both πŸ™‚ .

    Lol….I think David is chatting with Kevin? Kevin was there earlier.

    DAVID!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to hear you now!!!


  18. So weird that David is only guesting now and CRUSH is on its way down???

    Jive released CRUSH too early. Underestimated The Archuleta.


  19. I think they thought Crush will be in Top10 this week, since it was no10 for the last 2 weeks..

    I dunno how this show works – this is probably not live. He did the interview with Kevin a few weeks ago.

  20. So the Rick Dee interview excerpt must have been the week when Kevin interviewed David then. He just dropped in the show. Or is it the other way around.


  21. Lol first I watched hours of parade streaming only to miss his float (I saw the word Green Dog and that was it!), and now this!

    I need meds haha!

  22. hey everyone! YAAAAAAAAAAH! I was so dissapointed to that david was only featured there that bit! sighhhh…. But wasn’t it like nice to hear him through our very own radio station??? Sorry, I am a bit weird here πŸ˜›

    Kylie, you still have a chance to rip it. There is a repeat tomorrow, if I am not wrong its at 1pm. πŸ™‚ Sorry, I don’t know how to rip, so I can’t help.

  23. Erm….. my comment is awaiting moderation again? LOOOL! WordPress cracks me up all the time! hahahaha!
    By the way, is Fly fm not able to give ALTNOY many spins because its not an official single?

  24. ur comment is awaiting moderation because i think u’ve inserted too many emoticons πŸ˜€ like i did last time !

  25. Jun Hou, oh really? Thats the deal – too many emoticons? Alright, thanks for the info! hehehehe…. Sorry to trouble the AAM staffs. Now I can go back to my previous name. Hehe. That was an easy guess right? The year was next to my name. Yeap, 15, waiting for PMR results. Sighhhh…. you?

    Did you guys hear about people over at VH1’s forum commenting that David was lip-syncing? Bleh, so not true. I watched the video over and over again, not a sign of him lip-syncing.

  26. huh? David lip synching where?at the parade or AOL?
    LOL john!
    In that case i’m er..jason mraz? HAHA.


  27. Haha…if you guys want to hear the short but precious Rick Dee interview…..


    Dunno how long this stays up. Hear from Hour 3 part 2….you should hear Fall For You after Rick Dee mentioned “superstar David Archuleta”.

    Keep clicking othe forward arrow until you see Hour 3 part 2 comes up. Lol I cant a way to fast forward to David’s interview.


  28. LOL John and Anne! They were talking about the AOL sessions. Someone posted a link in his comment in on FOD. I will try to look for it and post it here. It was the most ridiculous thing about David. Seriously….

    Oh, and I tried changing my time to U.S time, AOL still doesn’t work for me. Any of you tried it yet? Elicia?

  29. Lynn, I changed the time to Eastern Time US. Worked for me. Super clear. Super nice.

    Wah…the rick dee streaming is SO SLOW.


  30. http://forums.vh1.com/vh1/board/message?board.id=5fe6cff4a63a12332d388d8377dcf48f&thread.id=6676&view=by_date_ascending&page=1

    The thread I saw was another thread, which has been removed already. The link doesn’t work anymore. But I found this thread with ONE person insisting that he is lip-synching. The old thread had like more than 10 people agreeing that he was lip synching. Sighhhh, I wish I could convert them. hehehehehe

    How did David do on AT40??? I missed it.

  31. Hey everyone FOD reports that Crush is back at no 1 on VH1 now how about us doing the same thing for MTV Asia Chart Attack?

    Also if you’re interested FOD has bios of David’s band members.

  32. lynn, i guess we cant blame them..david’s singing was perfect-o that they cant believe he actually sang it live lol.even some fans wondered at first if he was lip synching but of cos later realized that he changed up the songs abit..


  33. Haiyah, wordpress sent says my comment is awaiting moderation again. I guess its because of the link? hahahaha! Sorry to AAM’s admin for troubling you guys again.

    Anne, the old thread and this one(link above), says that some artist pre-record the songs with the changes to deceive the listeners. LOL! These people just go all the way to pull him down huh? No time to “layan” them. hehehehe… *runs off to watch AOL videos again*

  34. Lol you mean he plans where he runs out of breath on My Hands – records it that way – and repeats that performance? haha! The disbelief just goes to show the deterioration of quality vocalists in the mainstream music industry – what with autotune and all!

    Anyway, I’m drowning myself in the AOL vids to offset my disappointment with Rick Dees haha!

  35. Elicia…..AOL is awesome meds!!!!!

    yeah, My Hands…definitely not lip-synching! We all know that My Hands is not near perfect as the album version.


  36. He prob may have done more than 1 take. And AOL does a final mix to balance the sound. But I don’t believe they wld take the trouble to record a diff version fm the album, then shoot the video lol!

  37. “Lol you mean he plans where he runs out of breath on My Hands – records it that way – and repeats that performance? haha! The disbelief just goes to show the deterioration of quality vocalists in the mainstream music industry – what with autotune and all!”
    HAHA! Sooo true elicia.so true.

    yeah they might have done more than 1 take and did a final mix but the vocals are all david. oh yeaahh. gosh i just love how he sang “im not over it” differently in ALTNOY.


  38. hahahaha! Good one, Elicia. Who is going to agree with me that Elicia is beginning to sound like John? and you two won’t stop cracking me up! lol….

    My Hands sounded as if it was too high for him. But those AOL videos are priceless! For some random and unknown reasons, I love TMH’s 2nd verse. I am glad he formed the band, cause they are really good! Those videos are….. is there any word to describe them???

  39. his band mates are too old for him though πŸ˜›
    Those videos are….. is there any word to describe them??? ‘awe-inspiring’ LOL

  40. lynn – my hands is the most difficult out of the 5 songs to sing i think because yea the chorus is in a high note and theres no breaks between the verse and chorus so he has no time to take a breather before he enters the chorus as well..and to think he did this well..fooh.this guy never fails to amaze me.

    jun hou-haha!!They do look quite ‘mature’ do they lol.but they’re very experienced..worked with alot of other popular artists before..i love seeing them rocking out and getting into the groove of the songs esp in TMH during AOL πŸ˜€


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