107 comments on “FLY FM Day 3 Audio, Latest News/Rumors, Bonus Tracks Lyrics, Guillermo at AMA

  1. There were days when the song could not be found
    There were days when my voice would make no sound for me
    But I don’t worry about where I’m going
    Cause I know just where I wanna be
    And it’s time for you to see</strong

    This is quintessential David. Speaking from his heart and hopefully fans will listen and not indulge in histrionics ostensibly on his behalf.

    WFM is almost an autobiography, a journal of where he’s been and where he ‘s heading for next. This song together with SOT should’ve been on the main cd but judging from the inside info from FOD, maybe Jive does have grander plans for these two songs. It’s tantalising evidence that they do sincerely recognize the musical brilliance of David and will invest in his long term career and is not just taking advantage of his Idol after glow to make hay while the sun shines.

  2. Sometimes the uber fanatic fans jump ahead of the guns. One step at a time.

    Good Morning, Everyone! Ready for DAY 4!!!

  3. I guess they (Jive) are saving the bonus songs for the second album. Smart move on their part.

    What great thanksgiving news we have here!
    Hi Anne, and Kylie, you girls are fast! Hope you get to enjoy the Macy’s thanksgiving parade tonight, at 11pm, right? Yah, I will be up early tomorrow morning to watch it, then will enjoy my Thanksgiving dinner later.

  4. First, it was about an argument with his dad. Then later, she said what was the embarassing thing revealed during the “You’re The Voice” week.

    Got ah?

    EDIT: Ryan Seacrest said something embarassing about the past?

  5. MORNING everyone! I’ve got problems with my radio now…. I’ll try to get it done by noon! Whats going on? Hunny making things confusing again?

  6. What prom gate? What dad stuff? What embarrassing stuff that Ryan said?

    What’s everybody talking about?

  7. ……. I think we should get Hafiz/Steve back for Hunny’s slot. Everyone here seem to be as blur as I am :S

  8. Prom-gate was when Ryan randomly pointed out Mietra in the audience as David’s prom-date.

    And I said, Ryan pointed out. Not David pointed out. So that spurred a lot of rumours and hate-mails. And she is just a BFF. Embarassment. David had no chance to set the record straight during AI.

    Hence, prom-gate.

  9. And Hunny thinks that’s so scandalous? She needs to get a little perspective here, or is she just turning everything into a drama?

  10. Dunno how she went fm “argument with Dad” to “something abt the past” to “promgate embarrassment” lol.

    Too old for David? I’m 40 and have a lot of admiration for his talents and personality… better than that ‘auntie’ who thot Cook was hot lol!

  11. Anything that is embarassing, add “gate” at the end of the word.

    Example, Paula-gate – when she “decidedly” judged Jason’s second performance when he hasnt and no one else has even performed the second round – during Top4. Embarassment to AI. She wasnt at the rehearsals. Maybe she went through the rehearsal tapes so she got an “alibi”. However, apparently someone who attended to the rehearsals, said that they had stand-in judges to make comments on the performances. Strange things was these comments were strangely similar to the live comments. Strange. Coincidence?

  12. Hunny didnt say “scandalous”. She said “embarrassing”. I think it was the way she worded her sentences/questions that threw me off. I didnt realize she was doing David hour so I wasnt paying attention to the earlier parts. See what we get from the audio files.

  13. When did David ever had an argument with this Dad? sheeesh!

    Yah a cougar drooling over Cook. Triple Ugh! lol

    As for Paula-gate,that was a real booboo. Talk about embarrassments, she looked like she had one too many before the show.

  14. Haha, something new everyday on Fly Fm David Squared Week…..poor DJs….on both biting ends of the fishing rod. Can’t get things wrong. Cant say anything wrong. Cant say offensive stuff. Cant be partial to any David. Wordnerd & ArchAngel wraths upon them.

  15. I thought David said over and over again, his dad is a cool guy, and the rumors were just rumors??? Hunny should do a better job for David’s next slot.

    LOL! John, you are really funny when it comes to cougars drooling over Cook! I am still trying to call in, no one is picking up! 😦

    Lets hope that Kara will be a better judge. I like Simon… he is waaaaaaay funny!

  16. kcunltd, you are really right. Poor them… hahahahahaha! I won’t even think about taking their jobs for this week, cause the Cookies will come after me. 😛 I guess they must do LOTS and LOTS of research. But reading and researching on an really nice person like David Archuleta is FUN! Cook is nice too lah…. He treats David well. hehehe! Its just that its hard for me to be partial, I am not as gracious as David himself 😉

  17. Hey folks,

    Excuse me! Who is this Hunny you are talking about?

    Sounds like she is a drama queen and is attempting to smear David’s reputation. She has issues with herself, uh?
    Some one has to confront her on that. Or else she will keep going…….

  18. Lol, no hail stones yet. We see what the audio files give us. Hope they’ll be comprehensible coz the beginning parts werent recorded.

    Eunice, Hunny is DJ at Fly FM radio station. We’re listening to the David Squared Album Promo throughout this week.

  19. Eunice, will you be watching Macy’s parade tomorrow? 4 songs! Woot!

    She is a Fly FM DJ, that all I can say. I am horrible when it comes to explaining. I don’t know, I think she just didn’t do enough homework before going on air. *shrugs*

  20. As I said before, TONS of info out there to choose from….haih, can pass up on some the questions they asked.

    And they’re still dwelling on AI. I don’t even mind asking callers to sing CRUSH to win the CD. Or even play snippets of any songs David had sung before and ask callers to name the song title.

  21. HI Lynn,

    Yes, I am planning to watch the Macy’s parade tomorrow morning. Guess, you will watch it tonight, won’t you?

    It is 10.30pm now. So I have several hours to rest/tidur.

    Is anyone going to straighten this Hunny woman?

    Huh! I wish I am over there. I may call in and tell this ladybug to back off! She is offending the listeners…

  22. Hehehe, now this has become very interesting….

    You have to mimic what David said in the clip she just played. Where he sang “What a feeling!”

    GO Angels!!!!

  23. Eunice

    Hunny is a total cougar and she makes no bones about it. She and that “auntie” has something in common i.e their poor taste in singers 🙂 Her brother, Hafiz, on the other hand is more of an Archie but sadly is not helming the show this time around.

    “I’m gettin shaky just thinking about it!” Is this what she’s refering to?

  24. John,

    You are the best person to call and give her a piece of your mind. You can do it. Don’t need to say too much, just tell her she is dead wrong, and she is hurting some listeners. She needs to watch her words!!!!

  25. John, no, you have to sing “What a feeling” like David did.

    Hehe, yes, John, go call now. I need an extra CD. lol

  26. Oh no, John, did you not say she is a courgar?
    I take my challenge back, she may roar at you.
    Don’t call then, maybe singing is better. Hahaha

    And you girls are the best persons to call and speak to her. Since Courgar and Puma get along quite well. Maybe, you can get through to her better. Hahaha

  27. Call Basil NOW for David’s CD.

    Answer the question: Is David left or right-handed?

    Too easy.

    Elicia,YES!!!! Ripped it too!
    Maybe Sony has something to do with it?

  28. Elicia, its david’s hour now? Urgh! I missed it! Can someone fill me in?
    John!! You should have called in and sing ‘what a feeling!’ :p

  29. Lynn, took me by surprise! By rotation, it should be Cook’s turn. So maybe Cook the next two hours?

    Answer the question: Is David left or right-handed? Left-handed, in case some didnt know 🙂

    A guy fan won the CD!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!

    Lynn, you can listen to the audio later.

  30. Haha, that mind of yours, Elicia 🙂

    Question: What is one of David’s nickname?



  31. Basil is definitely more bearable to listen to than Hunny lol! She’s so over the top, and in her own words – cuckoo (as she affectionately refers to Cook – shudders) lol!

  32. Elicia, when I replayed the audio….cute, the way David pronounced Basil in the Fly Fm shoutout.

  33. Hahahaha!!! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Affectionate term? Egads! Get me the smelling salts.

    Is too late to call in now?

  34. I like Basil a lot better! Esp when he pairs up with Hafiz for the night flight, its nice! Elicia, I think Hunny is like too hyper all the time? I don’t know. YEEEEEAH! its time to make up for monday!

    Is AAM going to post up the audio??? I can’t believe there was like a shout out to Fly FM and Basil!!!! Hmmmmm, maybe all these will make Jive realize that David has LOTS of fanatics here, and then they will send him here for a concert???? I am dreaming again 😛

  35. Yes, Lynn. Today’s audio will be posted later. The audios for Mon, Tue & Wed have also been posted.

    Yeap, there was a David shoutout to Fly Fm & Basil. Cute shoutout. “I’m hanging out…”


  36. aaah!
    i love that youtbe vid

    2:07 is a great part
    hes so adorable in this vid
    amazing singing

    this is amazing too
    i started gasping…

  37. aaah!
    i love that youtbe vid

    2:07 is a great part
    hes so adorable in this vid
    amazing singing

    this is amazing too
    i started gasping…

    plus, he’s playing the piano here

  38. This is the first time I called radio station. I didn’t know when is the right time to call. So, I just called them at about 1.10pm because I was free that time. I think Basil picked up the phone. I was so nervous. I thought I was on aired. This is our conversation:

    Me: Hello, FlyFm??
    Ba: Yes. FlyFM. Good afternoon.
    Me: Good afternoon.
    (Silent. Waiting for the question. No respond. I asked again)
    Me : Are you giving away David Archuleta Album?
    Ba: Yes, is actually David Archuleta hour now. You can call me after the song ‘Better in Time’. I will pick up your phone, you have to answer a question to win the album. OK.
    Ba: Thank you for calling. Bye
    Me: Bye.

    So, I was not on aired (grrrrrrrr). I started to cook lunch at the same time waiting for the right time to call again. I waited until about 1.45. I called immediately after the song. I tried and tried ( more than 20X), but it never get through. Very disappointed. Then, I smell something burning. Gosh! My broccoli still in the frying pan. I rushed to the phone when the song finished coz I wanted to call FlyFm so badly and I totally forgot about the broccoli.
    So, this is my first experience calling a radio station. That’s what David make me do.

  39. Is David left or right-handed?
    A guy answered ‘Left-handed’.
    You just won a David Archuleta’s album.

    GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. That album suppose to be mine!!!!!!!

  40. Oh Damania – if you want the CD, you have to wait for the cue to call and try your luck! A lot of ppl will be calling in haha!

    And if you want your conversation aired – you have to say something interesting – maybe profess your love for David etc hehe!

  41. Omg!! Its ALTNOY! I am like flipping!! Remember to request request request! Waaaaa!! I am so excited! I did not expect it at all!! Is fly fm the first radio station to play it?

  42. Definitelt Lynn. I kinda noticed that Crush’s spin was reduced today. Now I know why haha!

    We want ALTNOY on MWC tomorrow. And everyone listen in to Loveit/Shoveit tonite – around 8.45pm – it may be on.

  43. yeahh omg. I was SO NOT expecting ALTNOY!!When they said new entry i was thinking, WHERE IS CRUSH?! And sudd they started talking abt the davids(which totally turned me off. someone PLEASE tell those misinformed,clearly outdated DJs that crush has already gone platinum in 3 months) but good thing ALTNOY was played which totally made up for that. AAHH. it felt sooo good to hear it on radiooo. Does that mean they wont allow crush to be on the charts even if it did made it to the top 10? hmm.


  44. I’m gg to email Prem and Jules and set the record straight.

    I have a feeling they took Crush off the charts. Let’s see.

  45. Poor Damania and her burnt broccolis. If you can get through tommorrow you should tell them this story Damania.

    As for Prem, it’s no use Elicia. Remember what I said about him being a neanderthal and still have not fully evolved yet? He wouldn’t know what you’re getting at.

  46. Crush not on MWC – they must have taken it off. Request both together guys – but priority to ALTNOY… but keep voting Crush on FF30.

    I just sent a long email to Jules and Prem hehe!

  47. Elicia where can I watch the live stream of Macy’s? FB doesn’t seem to have it and FOD is really difficult to log on.

  48. thanks elicia for macy’s info

    so what time it will start live ?coz that page doesnt show anything so far……

  49. Elicia, I heard it!!!! Haha. Glad someone taught a little David 101. 😉


  50. Yah Justine, that guy sure can sing and he should try out for American Idol. Better yet sing a duet with David. How’s SPM getting on?

    What did Elicia say? Didn’t manage to catch it.

    Anne the Fox link works. At least there’s sound and movemnet lol


  51. John, thanks, SPM going good. One more paper til freedom. Elicia told Hafiz the origins of ‘ohmygoshashley’. LOL! Way to go, Elicia! 😉


  52. Way to go Arch-Angels!!! hahahaha! I knew David was going to win, and Hafiz knew he was going to win when he went “Oooo-oOOoo for Ne-yo tonight because he is up against David Archuleta!”.

    Jun Hou, Love it or Shove it is a segment on Fly FM’s Night. Happens at around 9.40pm every night.

    Who is watching the live streaming now??? I tried, but my computer just hanged 😦

  53. JUn its a program on Flyfm where one song is pitted against another and David’s ALTNOY won!

  54. Elicia, I take my hats off to YOU!!!!

    Damania, log onto to AAM tomorrow. We will listen, cheer & call together-gether. And also remind you that your brocolli is cooking!!!! Haha

    ALTNOY, people!!!!!!!
    1) Request on every show possible – check the Radio & Charts tab, lets get it into Most Wanted Chart!!!!! If not tomorrow, it must be Monday.
    2) Love it/Shove it – Every week night. If ALTNOY wins, it will carry over to the next night and pit against another song. Apparently the record is held by Jobros – 31 days, woah! You have to wait for the cue to sms in.


  55. xRank—TOP RANKED MUSICIANS for Thu Nov 27, 2008

    1 David Archuleta——>YEAH!——–>WOW!
    2 Britney Spears
    3 Lil Wayne
    4 Taylor Swift
    5 Chris Brown
    6 Jonas Brothers
    7 Jessica Simpson
    8 Kanye West
    9 Rihanna
    10 Justin Timberlake

  56. The fox link isn’t showing anything. But the earlier earthcam link is working (albeit silent) – the parade is on!

    Jun Hou – tsk tsk don’t get x-rated here haha!

  57. Whats xRank???

    By the way, does anyone have any idea if MWC will allow two songs by the same artist on the chart??? Cause I was hoping to let David set a record on Fly FM, two songs by the same artist. That will be NEAT! 😀

    Elicia, you were on air with Hafiz earlier on??? I missed it! Did anyone manage to get the audio for that???

  58. lynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!

    haha. kylie was thinking the same thing. we need to get BOTH crush and altnoy on MWC at the same time.

    oh boy. im hyper and tired.

  59. JOOOOOOOOOYYYCEEEEEEEE!!! Gosh, you do sound hyper!!! hahahhaa! Is it MERDEKA DAY for you??? 😀

    Yeap, we shall request for both Crush and ALTNOY, if ALTNOY gets on the chart and Crush doesn’t, I guess we know what that means!

    Finally, I can watch the Parade! Thanks for the Fox link, Anne!! I think that guy is talking a lot…. I am sure they are like playing music over at the parade, but I can’t hear it at all! That announcer better not talk when David is on! 😛 😛

    Jun Hou, I forgot to give you credits for the lyrics!!! You seem good at graphics! 🙂 Good job!

  60. my comment is awaiting moderation?? LOL! Jun Hour, I think I have the same problem as you now. hehehehe….

    Yeah, boring… but snarky archies reported that David was on already. Are we really watching the live streaming or what??? I have Fox and Earthcam on…. My sister says I am too “KIA-SU”. I can’t help it!

  61. PFFT!!!WHAT?!!! DAIVD’S ON ALREADY?! IF HE’S ONALREADY NO POINT STAYING UP TILL LATE!!!! id rather watch it on Youtube then tmr 😦

  62. I’m not too sure how it works, but that was what I read on Snarky Archies. I guess Youtube shall come to our rescue tomorrow.

    Anyone plans to call Fly FM tomorrow??? I am planning to call during Hunny’s shift. She needs more of David Archuleta 🙂

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