101 comments on “FlyFM Day 4 Clips & News, Macy Parade Videos & Pics!, Interviews, #1 on xRank!, AOL SESSIONS!!!!

  1. damania – way to go!! πŸ˜€
    jun hou – its over already..the video is up though, take a look and enjoy! πŸ˜‰
    drexar – Its the FlyFM’s David Squared Week audio clips that kylie recorded…it will be up tmr πŸ˜‰


  2. Oh guys, the upload took faster than expected..Flyfm day 4 audio clips are up now at the top of the post πŸ˜‰


  3. Anne

    Did you guys manage to upload David’s AOL sessions? I read from IDF they’re incredible and he sure looks good in the screencaps.

  4. John, the AOL seesions are OUT already????????

    Take a deep breath…….



    Anyone who needs help with requesting, sms-ing & calling, please shout here. Someone will guide you or answer your query. We need to make a big splash for ALTNOY!!!!!!

  5. Yah Kylie and OMG that young man looks amazing on the youtubes but my dang office pc does not have any sound lol so can’t hear!!

    I hope you guys can upload them here as the IDFers are going bananas over them. Internationals can’t watch them on the AOL website dang it!

    As for Flyfm we must overload them with a deluge of Archieness hehe and request for ALTNOY.

  6. David lip-synching is AWESOME….haha. Of course David in a beanie and winter scarf is AWESOME, too.

    Ah…Buzz Lightyear….

    TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  7. John, uploaded the AOL Youtubes already, courtesy of FOD. But I think YOU CAN video is not synched.

    But David looked and sang SUPERBLY AWESOME.



    The studio version is already fantastic. The Live version is just ah…too much to handle. The backups from the band members with David in the lead vocals!!!!!!

    The last part/bridge of TMH …….. ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that part most. Wooooo!!! The falsettos and the improvisations. Absolutely breath-taking, people!!!!!

    The hand gesture at the 2nd verse. The hand reaching out to “touch my hand”. Hint of a smile …hehe. Wow, imagine the atmosphere at the live concert…Jingle Jams, maybe?…it’s a great sing-a-long. Nice music beats.

    Why no BARRIERS!!!!! WHY????? Acoustic BARRIERS with the live band! Imagine the vocals and backups…argh!

  9. MORNING people!!!! AOL sessions are out!!!!!!!!! *screams silently* I am going to watching it now! Macy’s parade and AOL sessions…. so many videos in just the last 6 hours??? I can’t believe it….

  10. Morning Lynn & Drexar! Please join me πŸ™‚
    Love your company.

    Cue to call for David’s cd is coming. The snippet with the grape skin was played again…and again .. and again…haih. New stuff, Fly. New stuff, please.

    AOL Sessions…..I’ve only managed to watch TMH and some parts of the rest. What I saw and heard ….. ahhhh! BEAUTIFUL.

  11. Yes, FLY! Thank you for playing a new snippet of David talking about the importance of education/ school.


  12. Sorry…CALL NOW

    Hunny wants you to imitate David saying “…you’re so cute..” – from the same Access Hollywood interview with the grapes

  13. Hey! Who’s this on standby? Kylie??? I will be here to keep you company. hehehe…

    I watched TMH, MH, ALTNOY and decided that I need a break!!! Thank goodness, I am alone at home πŸ˜› TMH was good, and I realized there were some really high notes, its not very easy to sing alive, is it??? MH, David was like really into the song, you can feel that he is so desperate to find that girl and hold on to her hands!!!! ALTNOY, THE BAND IS TOO LOUD!!! From 2.10-2.21…. sigh, Jive Jive Jive 😦
    Other than thaaaaaaaaat…. urgh, you get it, and I shall not start gushing over him πŸ˜›

    Drexar, your company is nice!!!!

  14. my comment is awaiting moderation???? HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That comment status tickles me all the time! I wonder why, weird me.

    John, that guy IS very very very good looking!!!!! I haven’t watched You Can and Crush. Can you write to AOL and get them to have David sing his whole album???

    Does anyone have any idea what are AOL sessions?

  15. woah!!!!! my dream come true… i’ve request “A little too not over you” million of times….. now fly fm make my dream become reality!!!!! hei archuleta fANS!!!!!! KEEP VOTE AND REQUEST FOR archuleta song on radio!!!!!! make our idol proud with us!!!!! malaysian also can support him!!!! prove to archuleta!!!!! hoah!!!!! i’m so happy now!!!!!

  16. Guys you can watch direct on AOL by doing a simple change to your computer – just change your time to US time haha! It is better to watch on AOL to get the view count up you know!

    He sounds simply incredible on those sessions!

  17. Drexar, nope, not the whole album. Was kidding, since John writes amazing stuff πŸ˜› 5 songs!!! I am very very contented! Or am I not??? I don’t know!!

    MHM hasn’t played ALTNOY right? Or did I miss it while I was watching the videos of David?

  18. Elicia…I was wondering if I should post about the time change to watch AOL in the main post. Still dont understand why AOL bars international hits.

    I havent heard ALTNOY yet today.
    Oh, guys you can also start sending request for ALTNOY in the Freaky Fly 30 to get it into the chart. It’s on the same webpage as FF30 voting.

    Radios may have weird a policy that no 2 songs from the same artist can be in the same chart unless it’s a duet??? Dunno yet.

    Lynn….I’m wondering about WordPress flagging “innocent” comments under moderation.

    Shukrie…lol so you’re the one who send in 999,000 votes for ALTNOY that Hafiz mentioned yesterday on Night Fly. Well Done!!! Loveit/Shove it tonight!!!!

  19. Hey Guys like Elicia says just change the time on your pc to any US time zones and you’ll be able to watch the AOL vids. They’re uuuber clear and you can always change it back to local time once you’re done. Although after watching those vids I highly doubt if any of us will want to switch back

  20. ELICIAAAAAAAAAAA!!! hahahaha! Multi-tasking! Anyway, same here! πŸ˜› I am listening to Fly FM online, since my radio has gone cranky. I’d turn the volume real low for Fly FM, and only turn it up when I hear Hunny’s voice. But I just turned it off, and concentrate on AOL, cuz its Cook’s hour. The AOL sessions are great!!! πŸ˜€

    hehehehe… WordPress wants to remain really really innocent? Even innocent comments aren’t innocent enough. What am I talking about???

    But its unfair isn’t it??? That artist can chart 2 songs, because HE CAN! Proves that David is good and popular. πŸ˜‰

  21. Elicia, does Hunny know that David also did the guitar hero commercial during AI? The other day, she aired Cook’s and talked as if David didnt have one.

    Just now, she said due to email requests, she is replaying Cook’s guitar hero.

    Now, you & I know, ….please, the audio is THE SAME for both!!!!!!!!! You have to watch the video tosee the difference. Sorry, am I the only one going HUH????

    Clueless people.

  22. Hi folks,

    Fanblast announces that international fans can now access DAvid’s AOL performance!!!

    Go try!

  23. Thanks Eunice! I tried 5 mins ago, still cant. Will try again!

    Are you on Cloud 9, Eunice?

  24. Please, Elicia, call her! And tell her to air David’s GH commercial…hahahahaha….sorry, I’m going HUH? and HAHA! at the same time.

    The DJs never fail to amuse me.

  25. Thanks for the info Eunice and Elicia! πŸ™‚ I am going to try now, since Youtube has some problems with that You Can video! Anyone else has that problem?

    hahahaha… Hunny is not picking up my phone. Sighhhh, its ok! I shall keep requsting for ALTNOY and Crush online πŸ˜€

    I think wordpress has blacklisted me or something. My comments just take turns to await moderation. LOL! They really crack me up!

  26. AAM, sorry for the blur-ness. But who is this? Anne? Sorry that I am sooooooo superbly blur.

    Elicia, I think I need to learn the skill of successfully calling in the radio station from you! The only time I managed to make the DJ pick up my phone was for Daughtry’s cd. Never had such luck since. And yes, they need more new snippets, instead of that Access Hollywood one…

    FLY FM djs!!! pleaaaaaaaaaase pick up my phone!

  27. Lynn…..hehe Kylie here. Sorry keep forgetting to type d name.

    Lynn…i think i love you. Daughtry fan? Man U fan? David A. fan? Is there more?

    Please, Lynn, continue to try calling. I need to rip your audio πŸ™‚

  28. I got thru to Hunny on GH – not sure if she will air my opinions haha!

    You guys have to call lah! I run out of fake names already!

  29. hahaha… No problem, Kylie. I just found it waaaaay too weird to address you as AAM πŸ˜›

    You are a Daughtry fan too??? WOW! Ok, here is one more, I am a big fan of boybands from the 90’s πŸ˜€ but I doubt we will have this in common, cause a lot of people just hate boybands and 90’s pop music. I think 90’s pop is good πŸ™‚ hahahaha

    I will try again later, during David’s hour. I think the Cookies are flooding Fly FM, thats why. πŸ˜›

    Elicia, did you get through?

  30. hahaha… Elicia, what name did you give this time??? Can tell? πŸ˜›

    Kylie, could you please approve my comment? WordPress must have blacklisted me. wakakakaka! Aren’t they cute?

  31. Elicia…..you are amazing….

    Do you want a list of names? I have one for the babies….like Top 100 girl names in 2008.

    Lynn, approved. WordPress thinks you are that naughty “Lynn”? Hehe. Daughtry YAY!!! My top, top favorite song is CRASHED……second album coming out soon πŸ™‚

    Fly FM ….hahahahahahahahaha……….the Cook question…that was quite a mess…….gosh, it was just so funny. Hunny played David’s Stand By Me and asked the caller if that was Cook or not. First caller said yes! Second caller said no.

    David’s & Cook’s voices … they are like heaven and earth…. extreme ends of the polar pole.

  32. ELICIA!!!!! YOU ARE ON AIR NOW!!!!!!



    and yeah


    eh…what are chicken legs?

  33. AHHHHHH!!!!!

    Lynn! ALTNOY coming up soon!!!!!!

    Elicia, you dont let any stones unturned. Haha I think Hunny was a bit flustered, but she aired it. lol

  34. Elicia & John, did you listen to the audio for Day 4? The confusion about what Hunny said at the start of her segment ….the dad thingey, something embarrassing in the past, etc etc…

  35. Hi everyone.. I heard ALTNOY on FLY FM’s Love It or Shove It.. So cool.. I called and requested for it today.. but the dj’s didn’t play it.. I think she was a little annoyed that I was going on and on about how amazing Archuleta is.. I’m going to keep calling all the radio stations until I hear it again.. Let’s make ALTNOY number one on the Most Wanted Chart and keep voting for it on Love It or Shove It.. Thanks guys.. keep up the great work..

  36. WOAH!!!!

    Hunny just gave a SHOUTOUT to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Hunny! THANK YOU! πŸ™‚

    Hi Raven πŸ™‚ Continue with the gushing!!!! The DJs get to say whatever they want on air, we should to be able to at least “rant” our praises to them, yes? Plus, they cant complain we dont support the radios stations. We flock to them if they air anything David.

    EDIT: Raven, did you talk to Hunny today???

  37. ALTNOY NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    REALLY…….. it sounds awesome on radio…waiting for the bridge part!!!

  38. Hunny said they got a LOT of requests for ALTNOY previously.

    Haha…Sukrie….you’ve been busy.
    Okay, we need to up it to 2 million requests/votes.

  39. drexar…..drexar….no lah….Hafiz was joking about the one million votes yesterday night.

    Haha, but we just love hearing it so we ran with it. Sorry to misled you. But it sounded nice, yeah?

  40. Hey guys! I went out for lunch and Elicia I can’t believe I missed your call! Sheesh! Kylie, did you managed to rip it??? I got through, but Hunny didn’t air it πŸ˜›

    I heard ALTNOY!!!! Kylie, yeap, Hunny said A LOT of requests! hehehehe… Way to go archies! Raven, same here. I am requesting for it on Mix/HIt/Light and of course FLY FM! πŸ˜€

    AAM sent pizza over? cute! I was in the car when I heard Hunny do the shout-out to AAM πŸ˜€

  41. Kylie, thanks for approving the comments! But there is one more comment that I just posted, and was sent into the moderation section again. LOOOOOL! I wonder why.

    YOU LIKED CRASHED???!!!! I loved it! πŸ˜€ I didn’t really like the singles when I played the album, cause its like I have heard it over and over again on radio. Crashed was good! I liked Used To as well. πŸ˜€

  42. THANK YOU, AI SIM for sending delicious PIZZA to FLY FM.

    You sure do act fast!

    Lynn, Ai Sim delivered the pizzas on behalf of AAM to Hunny just now!

  43. Oh i see. Ai Sim, if you are reading this, THANK YOU for sending them, let Fly FM know that the Archies are really really really nice people πŸ˜› I am so “perasan-ed”.

    I think Fly FM is like a lot nicer towards David this two days. I hope they realized that they did not do him justice at all over the first two days. hehehehe…! Fly FM keep that ArchuMania going in the studios!

  44. hahahaha…! Hmmmmmmm, sounds very interesting, Elicia. Arch-Angels are truly sincere. πŸ˜›

    Ermmmm… No, I think you are not wrong. And thank you for reminding me! So the stats for the number of spins = Crush – zero, ALTNOY – once? Kylie, is that right?

    Off Topic : Elicia, I visited your blog and the cupcakes are really really pretty!!!! I showed it to my sister, she wanted to get them for her wedding in Dec, but the wedding is down south in Johor. Too bad 😦

  45. Was that you, Elicia, asking Basil to replay the David shoutout to Fly Fm?

    I havent heard Crush for the last 5 hours????? They’ll still spin Crush but probably concentrate on ALTNOY more.

    This is THE LAST DAVID HOUR… like it’s the END already….

    Fly Fm has always been nice to David. They deserve kudos for it! See, they are on top of things by debuting ALTNOY! Before Hitz fm & Mix Fm! Even Before USA! Man, dats way awesome πŸ™‚

    It’s only the … err.. errm … certain individuals.

  46. I am just going to try another name for once. hahahahaahaha! Why? Because my comment went under moderation again. LOOOOOOL! AAM staff, please approve it, THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! πŸ˜› WordPress’s system is really nutty! More nutty than chipmunks….

    Its David’s hour!!! I find it weird that the snippet they play for the promo for David Cook is about him saying how genuine Archuleta is. Sounds more like a D.A promotion than DC doesn’t it?

  47. David’s b’day – you all know this!

    Yep – me again lol – was driving and just dialed for fun haha! Got thru on try 1!

  48. CALL NOW!!!!

    In case you forgotten – 28th Dec!!!

    EDIT: Lynn/Anlynn (hahahaha, I really dont know what WordPress is up to these days, targetting innocent Angels)….I think Elicia said once before the cupcakes can be delivered. Yes, those cupcakes are to die for. Oh, Elicia, Sony how?

  49. hehehehe! Thank you Kylie! I am going to try using Lynn as my name again… If its going into moderation, I shall change it for good πŸ˜›

    YAAAAAAH!!! So is FLY FM really the 1st station to play it??? I believe it is. Seems that there’s no signs of when the official release it huh….

    That girl who called in was so excited! By the way, he is 5 feet 7, not 5 πŸ˜›

    Elicia, you are really lucky with your calls! I tried calling just now, but it was engaged. Its alright, since I got through during Hunny’s shift. I will continue to call next week or maybe even tonight during the Night Flight πŸ˜€

  50. Lynn – I missed your comments haha! My cakes have flown to Sabah. As long as you don’t leave them in the car with the engine OFF – they shld survive the trip haha!

    Kylie – I forgot to inform you – m doing Sony for next Tues. Better late than never lol! Sorry for delay but this week has been crazy with my hubby’s tooth operation and the kids’ holiday activities.

  51. Name changed! Maybe wordpress thinks I’ve been posting too much? LOL! πŸ˜›

    Ooooooo!! Won’t the cream collapse??? I will tell my sister about it. You are making cupcakes for people over at Sony??? Nice! You guys are real Angels!!!

    45 more minutes and it marks the end of David Squared Week! I can’t believe its been a week. Really fast

  52. Elicia…..I don’t know what gave them the brilliant idea to do that. Haha. A bit geli, yah?

  53. I dunno how they can equate a balding beer-bellied guy with scrawny legs and too much eye makeup, and in major need of a tan, with sexy haha!

    Now I sound like John lol!

  54. Elicia…..John will be overjoyed!

    Btw do you know how to register for Fly FM? You know you have to register before you can sms in?

  55. Elicia, you are HILARIOUS!!!! My mom heard you on Fly earlier about the chicken legs but I didn’t catch it cos I was in the cinema. My mom is an anti-cookie and loves David. She gave me the lowdown of your conversation and was beaming widely!!! Wooohooo!!!

    Ai Sim, thank you for sending the pizzas!!! That was a great deed. πŸ˜‰

    I missed Day 5. 😦 Looking forward to hearing the clips. Thanks Kylie. πŸ˜€



  56. hahahahaha!! Elicia, its really funny that you have such a big problem with Cook’s legs. LOL! I guess they really ran out of ideas for that last cd or maybe they just wanted to make the end of David Squared Promo Week more “memorable” πŸ˜‰

  57. To register with Fly FM : Well, what I did was I requested for Crush via sms during the Night Flight. Its Demand and send it to 33399. A message will be sent to you saying that you are not registered, and instructions will be given to register. Just follow the instructions, and there you go! πŸ™‚ I hope that helped.

  58. “I dunno how they can equate a balding beer-bellied guy with scrawny legs and too much eye makeup, and in major need of a tan, with sexy haha!”

    Muuaahhaahhaa!!! Elicia I couldn’t have said it any better, I’m proud of you πŸ™‚ You could also have added “and very poor at handstands” πŸ˜‰

  59. You have influenced me much John haha!

    I remember reading some Cougar comments at mjs abt his sexiness and boy are they disillusioned – they described his ‘sexy’ body as ‘tubular’ LOLLOLLOL

    I think when you sms demand it will instruct you to register by sending your name etc. Once registered, you can sms forever – but at rm0.50 per msg lol!

    On a serious note, they have NOT spinned Crush at all…. and no ALTNOY too since 1pm. Let’s see if either makes MWC.

  60. Elicia…not sure if ALTNOY can enter the chart today since it only debuted yesterday.

    BUT ALTNOY is totally different because we have been requesting for it and hence prompting them to release it sooner? Maybe it will make the chart.

    I hope CRUSH still make it to the chart.

    CRUSH is still very active on Mix Fm (heard 2x today) and on Hitz – which is good news. It is still alive. And heard by different set of people.

  61. Ai sim , what a nice gesture ..with the pizzas.

    The AOL sessions are soooo incredible!!!I cant stop watching them especially TMH ! Can just imagine him singing this at a concert and i ‘jj be screaming mu head off.

    What a treat!!

  62. Yes… Hitz and Mix is giving a lot of spins these days. I heard once on Mix and twice on Hitz. YAY! Have you guys voted for Mixed up 20???? I hope it stays at number 1. It will be good exposure if they can make David the featured artist.

  63. Omigosh, I heard that too! David saying “Hi, you’re listening to FlyFM and Basil” or something like that.

    And then I heard them giving a shout out to AAM for the pizzas! Haha. YOU GUYS ROCK.

  64. hey guys. i’ll be away till 9 december. camps and trips. i’ll be missing you fun ppl. bye! (:

  65. James long time no see πŸ˜‰

    Joyce have fun πŸ™‚

    Yay ALTNOY kicked *ss again tonite hehe
    Keep it up Archies as I hear the record to beat is 31 nights in a row to be champ on loveit / shoveit. We have 30 more to go then. Can we do it? I think so πŸ˜‰

  66. Guys, a friend of mine told me David will be co-hosting Rick Dees in the Weekly Top 40 segment on Hitz tomorrow!!!!!! Anyone else heard the ad???


  67. Justine

    Why can’t I listen beyond the 1.50 mark on the day 4 Flyfm audio clip? It stops and prompts me for a password.


  68. Justine – dunno but I always do the drill of listening to Crush’s position on AT40 and RD. Rick sometimes have a guest – interview and help to host – so maybe they got David on now. They love him – remember that interview with Rick Dees’ son? Rick always have something nice to say abt David on air!

    John – until now I still haven’t figured out how to open those files to listen haha!

  69. John, really? It works OK for me. Are you signed in already? Maybe it was just a temporary technical glitch. πŸ˜‰

    Elicia, I hope it’s true!!! If it is, Rick Dees will air on Hitz tomorrow at 6pm. Fingers crossed. πŸ˜€


  70. Oy. It just stopped loading at 2.13 for me. LOL! I’m not really sure what’s up. Sorry. I’m refreshing the page and letting it load again.

    Elicia, just click on the link and wait for the clip to load. But I think you need an imeem account before you can get excess to the page.


    Edit: It’s working now. Haha. I think you gotta refresh the page if the clip stops at some point and the loading ceases to progress at all. And wait for it to be reloaded again.

  71. I can’t listen to the audio clip too. It stopped around 2.00. When I refreshing the page, it totally no sound at all.

    Should open another thread for the AOL session. It really incredible. Just my suggestion.

  72. Hi Elicia/Ai Sim,

    Your cupcakes were a knockout! By the way, what kind of favor were they?
    And you are hilarious! Never thought about those legs! You rock! I applauded you for being so creative and descriptive!

    Ai Sim, it was so sweet of you to send them treats! You are precious! Ah Huh! win them over with kindess!!!!

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