22 comments on “FLYFM Day 1 Audio,New Ringtones, People.com, AAM on Facebook, more AMA videos, AOL SESSIONS (e-news!!!!)

  1. Blatant injustice! Thanks for the recording, Kylie. I quit listening sometime around 2.30pm. There is only so much I can take about the other one. 😦 Sorry, will not be able to tune in tomorrow because of school. Will be on standby on Wednesday again. 😉 Day 1 went rather…unfavourably.


  2. Justine – tell me about it >< they better play nice tomorrow. FlyFM,cmon.You all know u love david..Archuleta.
    Justine, all the best for the papers tomorrow!:D Another day closer to the end!


  3. All I can say is…..haih. Whole day of listening and only one round for David.

    If you hear the audio very, very closely, did you go “HUH?” at the beginning of the call….what did Basil said? I heard someone said, “Oh I forgot about that….”

    Justine….it was a BIG CONFUSION! What with Hunny saying it’s all David Cook week. Didnt look like a David Square promotion to me.

    Let us see what happens today….

    On another note, CRUSH is doing well on Hitz.Fm. We have a lot of Angels at Hitz Fm too. Good job, guys! Request for CRUSH on Hitz 20, on its way to NUMBER ONE!

    We have to work on Mix Fm soon ……

  4. Lol, I just realize that David was wearing a blue satin dress shirt for the AMA, not a black one I initially thought.

  5. Hey! Whats going on on Fly FM? David Cook got more “rounds” than David????

    Kylie, you are right, we actually have quite a number of Archies over at Hitz fm. I hope someone can convert the Mix FM announcers though. hehehehe…. I would convert any and everyone I can 😛 In fact, I just converted two yesterday!

  6. Okay…..2nd Day at Fly Fm…I am still confused. The promo ads they slip in here and there are also all mixed up. Lol

    Ahhh….Natasha on now…Pocketful of Sunshine…. Need some of that today.

    Lynn…Awesome! We do what we do best for David…spread the word, request, vote, blast his music, talk about him all day to anyone, create buzzzzz, flood the phone lines, crush the servers…..And we think, combination of David and Us…non-fans will come around. It’s all about buzz and album sales, folks!

  7. So far, they have given away 1 David CD at the 10am hour and now it should be David again at 12pm hour.

    Hunny is anchoring the 10am-1pm and obviously, totally Cook fan.

  8. Question: What does David have in his mouth during the Access Hollywood interview?

    Answer: Grapes …..where he says “…those skin, dang it!”

    CALL NOW: 03-77241144

    EDIT: Melanie won the CD! YAY!

  9. Omigosh, Elicia!!!!!!!!

    Ermm……I ripped it. Hahahaha!!!

    You know they might lurk here, right?

  10. So anyone wants a Cook CD now? Call Now.
    Question: Who is the original singer of “Living On a Prayer” that Cook sang for his AI audition?

    Sorry, I wont be of any help, lol.

  11. Oooohh…CRUSH is on now.


    Elicia, I missed the MWC yesterday. Was CRUSH in? #?

    Edit: Lol, comment moderated. 😛

  12. “Living On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi lah.

    “We’ve got it each other and thats a lot
    for love – we’ll give it a shot
    Whooa we’re half way there
    Livin on a prayer
    Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear
    Livin on a Prayer”

  13. Aiyah, John, I know lah. I like Bon Jovi too.
    But lately, he went country-ish….

    Elicia, I caught last weekend’s Mixed Up 20. Whose the female DJ? I think she is an Archie. Of course Roshen is not and never an Archie, since AI days. I remember vividly that he made a lot of fun of David during AI finale.

    Yes, yes, keep CRUSH at the top of Mixed Up20, especially #1, hahaha. Lets get David to be featured as the ARTIST OF THE MONTH like how Fly Fm did for a week. So bombard Mix Fm with requests, Angels!

  14. But I like that country-ish song he sang with that lady what’s her name. What’s the song called – something about making it home? *shrugs*

  15. Ooohhh CRUSH on Mix FM now.

    Super Nice.

    John, is it Who Says You Can’t Go Home? But don’t think it’s a duet or anything worr. He sang with some other people during live performances though, like this one…

    Lol I just realize how Fly Fm did the promo ads. For David, its “Fly Fm CRUSHes on David Archuleta” – yes, I know this is old, done before. For Cook, it is “Fly Fm turning the LIGHT ON David Cook”. Clever.

  16. Okay, David CD to be given away NOW.

    Call Basil Now. He hasnt said the question but something to do with 12 year old. Star Search???

    edit: Nadiah???? Was that you??? Hihi, I was right. David took part in Star Search when he was 12 yo.

  17. Guys – Crush didn’t make MWC yesterday. Let’s hope it makes it today.

    Tomorrow I’m on a mission to call again and extol on David’s achievements – we’re proud of our boy yeah!

  18. elicia – Yeaaah. im off work tmr..gonna hog flyfm. they better play more david. or else. 😛


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