23 comments on “David on NTV7 Mandarin News,MTV News,KTU103.5,miTRL

  1. the news mentioned about
    1) he’s the runner-up of AI7
    2) he suffered vocal paralysis
    3) his debut album released
    4) his rival Cook releasing album too
    etc etc…

    sorry i was super excited & can’t remember all

    and they showed interview & music video

    the news was about 4 mins~!! gosh~!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gosh he’s finally got the coverage from Malaysia’s Media.. Really can’t wait for him to visit Malaysia… huuhu..

    P/s: how many albums you guyz wanna buy next week? haha

  3. Thanks Carmen. Is NTV7 do this kind of promote for for other artists as well or this is the first time?
    I’m sure David’s has a lot of Mandarin speaking fans here.
    Gosh! He is already a superstar!!

  4. Drexar,
    I ordered one from amazon.com since it’s open for ordering
    but i want the deluxe edition~~
    will it available in local??
    or it’s just available as mp3 download on iTunes?
    sorry i’m busy lately so i’m quite out 😛

    the Mandarin news does have short entertainment news at the end of the programme
    but yesterday they spent around 4mins on our David, so happy~~~~~~!!!!

  5. Carmen, thank you!!!! Aiyah, too bad I don’t watch Mandarin news cos I don’t understand Mandarin. So awesome that he’s in the news! For 4 minutes, too! That’s long. 😉

    Hi, drexar! Read that you were a lurker turned poster on AAM. Keep posting more and voice out your thoughts on David and his awesomeness. 😀 I’ve only purchased one album. Might buy a couple more as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts if possible. Haha.


  6. Carmen

    The deluxe version is only available from iTunes and it is now without “Somebody Out There” which was only available if you had pre-ordered the cd 😦

    This song is truly beautiful and is co-written by David. His singing on the song is stunning; exactly the reason why we fell in love with him. You should listen to it. Lily has posted it on AAM.

  7. Let me get this right…. NTV7 Mandarin News featured David on the day I chose to watch drama instead of the 5.30 news???? Sighhhhh, *screams ENCORE* hahahahaha…. Carmen thanks for the update! From the chinese subtitles in the pictures, it looks like the interview on Good Day Utah.

    Justine, how’s spm treating you? I heard that the Sejarah paper is OVER. 😀 I guess with Sejarah over, spm it can’t be that bad. All the best in the rest of your papers, I am sure you will do great!

  8. Haha at least you guys watch NTV7. I never tune into that station at all! 🙂

    Me thinks I must watch local tv stations more from now on.


  9. Yup that’s true Carmen. We can only get the Deluxe version from Itunes.. 😥

    Before this I also made a mistake by buying the Normal version not the deluxe. Feeling very sad right now sob sob

  10. rough translation of the subtitles at the bottom:

    screencap #4 – being able to have your own album on sale is very exciting. i’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

    screencap #5 – i’m very happy to see my album out. right now everyone can hear my songs.

    drexar, i’m gonna see who else i wanna gift his album for christmas. hehe. help boost sales.

  11. owh really :D.. I really want to have the deluxe version hehe.

    Can’t wait this 17/11!! time to buy his album for Malaysians 😀 Archie Boleh!! (lol)

  12. yea drexar, but dang it 17/11 is weekday
    if it’s on weekend would be easier

    yea guys boost sales
    although i ordered one from amazon
    but i think i’m gonna buy one from local
    show them how big is David in M’sia market
    & get him to M’sia~!!

  13. Ah yah no need to kidnap lah. Just request on the Facebook KL Sunburst Festival campaign banyak, banyak and he’ll have to come to M’sia 🙂

  14. Lynn, thanks for asking. SPM has been treating me pretty OK so far. And yes, Sejarah is over so the anxiety has died down a little. 🙂 Thank you!

    Joyce, thanks for the translation! My eyes automatically skipped the chinese characters at the bottom of the screen. Haha. 😀

    Yalah, guys, go request for David over at Facebook if you haven’t!!! Tell your friends and fam who are fans of David to do so as well! 😉


  15. carmen – thanks so much for the screencaps!! I let out a slight shriek when i realised i missed david by 1/2 an hour only since i tuned into ntv7 at 6 to catch my tvb serial HAHA. (lynn,were u watching Dance of Passion too?! :P)
    But wOW!4 mins of david coverage..EXPOSURE EXPOSURE!!
    people,rmbr to request at facebook!!


  16. Anne

    u guys are so welcome
    this is sharing~~~
    happy news must share together 🙂

    no, that was 9.30pm news, not 5.30pm hehe

  17. The Festival is a musical event where the local organisers invite foreign as well as local artists to perform based on their demand from fans.


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