38 comments on “Msian Album News : Official Press Releases, Album Promo Video

  1. That was a super quick update! You guys are amazing…

    That pic of a tour bus is so cool! Where’s that pic from? It’s Photoshoped right?

  2. haha Anne I posted that excerpt about David’s songwriting efforts in the previous thread. Great minds think alike yah? 🙂

  3. Good morning everyone. AAM, way to go!

    Yep, the Archulator is upon us!!

    John, me ask small favour. I dont have the energy & patience to go thru the e-bay & creation of a/c stuff. Can you direct me to teamarchie’s direct link. I’m gonna try the donate/gift method.
    I did it with Pecanpie for Standup2cancer but I’m no longer sure if she is still reading that email.
    Yeah, I must have David’s “falllin”!!

    Thanks so much

  4. What’s with these people who won’t let go of the stage dad syndrome? Even at this juncture they are still harping on the tired, dusty theory of David’s dad pulling the puppet strings.

    I wish these so called “writers” would try to be original!!! Do some research at least – ‘cos Angels is not his “new” single”: it’s just a little bonus, sort of like an appetizer before the main meal.

  5. Dja heeeeere’s the link for ya: 😉


    Tell me more about what you’ve found out.

    A little bit more about that “writer” who gave a review of Angels – surprise, surprise she’s a blogger ( enuff said ) and quite a few of her readers seem to be of the same noxious mindset. Boo!

  6. wow you guys are real pros at this video making thingy 🙂

    Anne maybe you should email these latest efforts plus the Star alert to FOD / FB for wider impact.

  7. John – lol! Yeap indeed 😛 btw, Sorry for suddenly separating the post guys..since u were already discussing abt the songwriting and articles..


  8. John, it’s not a bed of roses in that industry.
    Those ‘writers’ are not that going to go away for a while. You know, that are people out there who are not bothered with clarity or truth especially if they find it too difficult to comprehend all the success that David has gotten.

    It’s so easy to take than to give &
    It’s so easy to hate than to love

    Jeff has been extremely strong during these interviews, always in the background and David has been consistently insistent by his decision, his dad is there for his own good. No sensible & respectful person would wish to tear apart a relationship like Jeff and David. Let’s hope these
    lazy & ignorant writers tire themselves out with their own same old junk which they usually do.

    Be patient, as fans of David Archuleta, we wanna celebrate. The celebration has begun……

  9. dja – yeap..the celebration and journey has just begun.And i cant wait for the rest! 😀


  10. Hello Anne, palm to heart:)

    John, I should hv known, went there & less than 5 mins, came out, in your words, reeling…

    Need to listen to David’s songs 50x before I go there again, and hopefully, I get to do that by late noon.
    Thanks again:)

  11. Kylie, the birthday song,
    David did again thru his I-phone whilst on the road. Gosh, he’s unbuhlleeefverble!

  12. DJA, I stopped everything to watch the video!

    He is adorable! He crooned Happy Birthday instead of just singing it.

    – Kylie

  13. John, see,
    I’m quite resoureful (read ‘very desperate’).

    I just thought of Eunice. Isnt she in US?
    Would she be able to help us with the deluxe album?

    I’m gonna say a prayer for Eunice to drop by and see my SOS call!

  14. Yup, David can sing happy birthday to me on my next birthday in fact he can sing to me everyday. That would be just fine 🙂

  15. Morning everyone 🙂

    Another day closer to the blessed day yay!
    Do you guys realize that when we get our cds on the 11th, it’s still the 10th in the US? For example as I’m typing this at 7.40 am on Oct 31st local time it’s only 7.40pm on the 30th in New York?

    So that means when David appears on the Today show in New York on the 11th, say at 9 in the morning over there it would be 9pm in Malaysia and we would have been listening to David’s cd for a full 7 hours ahead of the Americans?

    Wow talk about getting one up on the Americans! 🙂 It’s all good haha

  16. John, *high five*

    Though I must be honest, your ‘reminder’ has only heighten the excitement….I was doing real fine counting the days till I read your comment and know I’m all SO shaky thinking about it!!

  17. haha. another day closer to the blessed day too. oh gosh going through spm with this cd release is a whole new different experience. lol.

    yes! i’ve thought of that too john. cos we’re ahead in terms of time as compared to US. awesome. 😀 😀

    i’m glad leannecharm pm-ed the other m’sians on archuletafans.com on the topic i posted. i see many different names on the pre-order and contest page.

    according to the article, AAM is a m’sian fan club. ALKJ, does this mean we’re OFFICIAL? 😀

  18. djarox13 we posted at the exact same time!!!!

    okay, not like that’s anything significant. but… okay never mind.

  19. btw, awesome work on the promo vid. to whoever did it. 😀 i cut out the article for keeping. i’ve been keeping all publications on david. haha. feels good to see david being promoted here. B-)

  20. joiz3, great to hear from you today, yep we posted same time.

    Have you condensed your Archuleta winning piece into 30-40 words? If you havent, go, be a good Angel and do now!

  21. haha. thanks for your way-too-nice statements. 🙂 i’ve been a good angel! 🙂 i condensed my article into multiple (eerrr… 8 is not a lot of entries,right? haha.) 30-word blocks.

  22. I think those who HAVE NOT not pre-order DA’s album better do so coz the stores will be sapued!

    You Can, To be With You & Your Eyes Dont Lie
    floored me. My gosh, what an album David!

  23. Gosh, I typed and it didnt get posted!

    Good computer, not now, dont die on me now, pleeeze!

    John, I think those who HAVE NOT pre-order the album better do so coz it will be sapued!

    “You Can”, “To be with you” & “Your Eyes Dont Lie” floored me! The instrumentation seems overdone wow, this might just be the best pop album for 2009!!!

  24. Hey,I send in an entry for the contest at 3pm but haven’t got a reply from anyone and I just came online and saw that it’s closed from 7pm…It’s okay,I sent David my message through his Myspace already…Good luck everyone! =)

  25. John, i think is an album snippet

    Dja, you u funny.hahaha.
    yeahh i do think that im listen on behalf of north region coz i believed im the ONLY one from the North that always post a comment here.lol.

  26. Justine

    May we have your full name ‘cos we’ve received entries from a few Justines 🙂


  27. I logged in AAM yesterday at 10.00pm and wanted to send my contest entry . The first thing I saw is the closing announcement at 7.45pm. Umm.. so sad. I thought it suppose to close at 12.00 midnight. I missed a lot of Archunews lately because of some computer issues.

    Anyway, since I already wrote the thank you message, so I’m thinking post it here just for fun. I’m not a writer, there might by errors here and there but it comes from my heart. I hope I don’t embarrass myself. Here it goes

    It’s such a joy
    to be lost in your world of music
    to be touched by your beautiful voice
    to be inspired by your angelic soul
    It’s definite a joy to follow your music journey all the way through.
    Thank you for bringing so much of joy to the world.
    My life, as well as millions of people around the world who experienced such joy, will never, never be the same again.
    Thanks to David Archuleta for everything.

    A message from the other side of the globe,
    Damania L.K. (Malaysia)

  28. Damania,

    The little poem is beautiful!! Wished you were in time to submit it.

    Apologies for the early closure of the contest. It was supposed to be end of day on 31 October but Sony had a deadline to meet plus they had to email across to David’s management for David to read and select the winners.

    Archunews….we may have a few days of respite before the promotion madness takes off again as the release day draws near! David’s gonna sing on TV!!!!

    Hope the PC issues are completely resolved. Wont be the same without you joining celebrating release of David’s debut album. 🙂

    – Kylie

  29. i second you, kylie. that was a heartfelt and beautiful poem. 😉 thanks for sharing, damania.

    anne and damania, i hope your computer issues will be completely resolved too. computer issues are such a huge pain. esp with so much excitement going on. hehe. 😉

  30. hey! wow, I had problems with my computer for a week or so, and look how much I have missed!

    I am listening to the album snippets, and its “killing me softly”! hahahaha…. Is it just me or does Barriers sound a little bit like On My Way Here by Clay Aiken? Anyway, I can’t wait for the album!!! But, i have to wait till 18th Nov. Bummer!

    Kylie, sorry I couldn’t give you the address for the music store I told you about earlier. Anyway here it is :
    Music Channel
    Lot 1.34, 1st Floor,
    Batu Pahat Mall,
    83000, Batu Pahat,

  31. hey lynn. great to see you again! aiya. computer issues are so rampant (hmm. maybe wrong word usage. haha.) among aam members. i haven’t listened to any snippets yet because i’ve been lazy to wait for them to load and i don’t want to spoil anything. from everyone’s comments i can tell this album is going to be H-U-G-E. can’t wait! 😀 there are other members who have to wait for nov 18 too so no worries. you’ve got company. 🙂

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