19 comments on “San Diego interview, video and pictures

  1. Can you give us a little teaser?
    A little teaser? I dunno. I dunno if I can or not. I dunno, they haven’t told me. You know, it’s better to be safe than sorry I guess.

    LOL ..poor David has no idea of his mischievous fans.. 😀

  2. Nadiah, so happy to see you dropping by alomost everyday.

    Yr line :
    LOL ..poor David has no idea of his mischievous fans..
    Isnt he the most sweetest young man on Earth?
    Gosh, have you met anyone like him in today’s age? Yet, are we the most mischievous fans ever?
    Someone throw some light to this cos I’m doing a sanity check on myself!

  3. Damania, gosh, are you here? awesome! I wuz lookin for u in the previous thread.

    Girl, you were one very happy angel yesterday huh? See, David’s signature is his killer crooning ballads!

    I cant access the video either but I suspect it’s the security armed in my daughter’s laptop which I’m using now:(

  4. ARE we djarox? lol..i think it just shows how eager we are yea?

    I can’t watch the video either.. 😦

  5. You use your daughter laptop? Did she complain anything?
    I use my hubby laptop and he complained that i spend too much time on computer. I told him I’m writing a PhD thesis in ARCHIEology. hahahaha
    Anyway, he likes David’s songs but he doesn’t understand what is ODD and why his wife behave like that. hahahaha

  6. Nadiah, forget about the video, it’s the connection that counts, by now, you love we r at a stage where we love David even if he is a frog, though I want to kiss the frog:)

  7. Nadiah,, sori, for my typos,
    By now, OUR love for David James is a worldwide phenomal!.

    Arhies, Archngel, it’d almots 12 midnite,let me wish everyone a beautiful week ahead.
    Sweet dreams & world peace

  8. Damania,let me assure you a writers are experiencng the same, I am one of them. iF i tell him yr predicamenr, he should your complete yr

  9. E-family, I pray for a beariful Wednesday

    I heard Fly fm’s gig this morning. I so wanted to tell them this guiding principle in my life;-

    Live & learn – David James!

    Gosh, cant keep my eyes opened. To all Malaysian archies, could I humbly share you pst?

    LOve all like loving your own family:)

  10. I can’t watch the video too 😦 But i saw one in FOD, oh my gosh, David is SOOOO SWEEEETTTT…he’s always so happy when he meets his fans, i think he really enjoy it. I can’t stop repeating the part where he was singing 🙂

    Damania, you are so funny!! Writing PhD thesis? Make sure your husband doesn’t stand behind you and watch what you do haha..When my husband asked what i’m doing, i usually said checking my email lol He too doesn’t understand why i’m so in love with David and thought that i’m crazy!! So i totally understand your situation 😉

  11. You know what? David’s very fortunate in a another way – he always has a gaggle of females around him, some guys have all the luck 🙂

  12. Damania, sorry for last nite, I was typing and then suddenly, the laptop went into ‘scheduked upgrade’, probably scheduled by my daughter i could continue..

    So, u use yr hubby’s comp, very clever wife, take care of 2 little babies, do archieology some more, wow, tell yr hubby he is very blessed!

    As for my end, why do you think I use my daughter’s? To minimize answering Mr. dja, haha!
    Actually, my girl is cool abt sharing, so long as I respect her time.

    Damania, u & i should have our own comps!
    In my haste, I didnt clarify my earlier post so I feel I need to explain,
    yesterday morning, I heard flyfm was giving away computers & I was so tempted to go there & rob their studio!haha! I couldnt participate in whatever it is they were playing (I think it was just to call them & fylfm will randomly pick?).
    So like I said, I couldnt participate coz I hv never won this sort of stuff:(

  13. Good morning John,
    Angels, today we only talk about our John.
    If you want to talk about David, use bahasa!haha!
    Should be fun:)

    Gotta go, hope to chat more tonite:)

  14. i noticed right away how he naturally puts his hand around a fan’s waist/back (?) when they’re taking a photo. he’s getting so natural and comfortable with fans. 🙂 i can’t stop smiling now.

  15. Joiz3, i realized that too! He used to be very shy with his fans last time but look at him now, getting more comfortable with all women around him 😀

  16. yeahh..hes definitely getting better at that!He even gives random hugs to fans at times lol.


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