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  1. Kylie!!!!! First post!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Thanks for the Spreadsheet. Looks completely error-free to me. πŸ˜‰ And wow, thanks for doing this! It’s past 1AM now. Goodnight! πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, you guys are seriously fanatic what with all the spreadsheets, tabulation and monitoring haha. But I love it and I’m proud of you Kylie, Rusharr. You ladies rock! πŸ™‚

    I didn’t know we could download Crush as a caller ringtone. Will get on it right away!

    I’ve been voting on Flyfm and MTV Asia but I thought on MTV Asia we’re supposed to pick 10 vids not 9 and then request for Crush? Confirmation from Kylie / Anne?


  3. One more thing Kylie. Perhaps on the “USA Milestone” tab on the spreadsheet you could add that Crush debuted at No 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Aug 21st. Total digital sales for that debut was 166,000 copies and it went officially gold ( > 566,000 copies ) on Oct 1st. πŸ™‚


  4. Boo hoo woe is me 😦 That caller ringtone is from Maxis and I’m on Digi. I don’t think it’ll work can it? Dang it!


  5. You guys are awesome. The spreadsheet is fantastic. Add what JC just said and it would be perfect.

  6. Awesome. Thanks Kylie.

    John, I think you’re suppose to pick 9 vids from the chart and request crush by fill in the ‘artist’ and ‘video’ column. Then tick the crush video (the small box on the right hand side). So, the total videos that you have voted are 10.

  7. Kyile! congratulations on your 1st post on AAM & what an awesome post! You & Rusharr are now officially our left brain duo!

    To recognize your hardwork & dedication to David A, we will vote & click MORE diligently, promised!

    BTW, while at a bookstore this noon, I saw this mag – Galaxie with a full page poster of David A & what’s his name? ah, wait a min… the other David. Interested, go grab that magazine.

  8. Damania I picked 9 vids but it insists that I pick 10. So which is which? R we talking about a different site?

  9. Thanks for informing, Djarox13! I am going to get my hands on it as soon as I can. πŸ™‚ Btw, are the links at the Radio Requests working for you now?

    John, I had to pick 10 as well in order to request for ‘Crush’ below. Weird.

  10. finally a full length poster! i’ve been waiting for galaxie for ages to come out with one. can’t wait to get it! lol at “the other david” part. though i wonder if it was genuine or in sarcasm. the spreadsheet is wonderful! thanks so much kylie. one more thing. i got a huge pleasant surprise when i heard ai fm playing crush because 1. ai fm is a chinese radio station 2. ai fm is errr.. something like the chinese version of lite & easy. haha. so super cool. =)

  11. ooh and as for the mtv charts i chose 9 and added crush at the bottom. it worked for me. i have a suggestion. perhaps you guys could make links appear in another window because it’s troublesome losing AAM while going off to vote or seeing another site.

  12. Joyce, done! πŸ™‚

    Kylie, I hope you don’t mind but I edited the links so that all of them open up in a new window when clicked on. I didn’t do anything else. πŸ˜‰

  13. John, Justine, I did the same as mentioned by joiz3; chose 9 from the chart and added crush at the bottom. It worked for me too.

  14. thanks Justine! John, yes that’s the same site I’ve been voting at. vote for 9 vids at the top and fill in david and crush at the bottom. did you tick the little square box on the right hand side to vote for crush? maybe you missed it. cos i did the first time.

  15. LOL Fanatic Fans FTW!

    My fanaticism for David compelled me to read back the pages in IDF for the positions! But it is also done for you guys, so enjoy and revel in David’s success because you guys are very much part of it, as David himself has said before. Crush’s showing in Malaysia has been impressive! All because of the Malaysian ArchAngels – so proud of you guys!

    Thanks for editing the links to automatically open in another window. Please let me know how to do that. LOL I’m already proud of myself getting this far.

    Added the Billboard debut & Gold status to the spreadsheet. Anything to be added, let me know. This is only for Crush…I will add more tabs for other singles later. Wish we have an album sales & singles download chart to refer to. Oh, sorry I didnt mention Maxis for the caller ringtone. I got it and it’s very cool to hear Crush on my hp! Haha, I deliberate on answering my calls so that the callers get entertained by Crush.

    MTV Asia,
    Yes, 9 other videos + Crush will make up the 10 videos you want to request. Remember to tick the box for Crush, otherwise it wont be counted.

    Ai FM played Crush? I wish I know Mandarin. Do you know Mandarin? If yes, can you lead us in the requesting or voting (if any). I think we can put up a post in Mandarin and translated in English. We are serious about this – if there’s anything we can do to get Crush played on Chinese & Malay formats, we will do. We are fanatic for David. How about it?

    I recalled you asked about a forum….and John has adequately replied you. Yes, a forum is in the pipeline, when the timing is right -> the fanbase has grew at AAM and the blog becomes limited in functionality or practicality, we have gather enough volunteers to take care of the various stuff (moderation, IT stuff etc), cost of maintaining a forum is taken care of etc…Also, with a forum we can have various language sections – a muhibbah forum. Not that we can’t do with this blog, we will on occasions.


  16. Guys I’m sorry but you’ve lost me ‘cos for the life of me I don’t see any box for Crush on MTV Asia! πŸ™‚ We’re supposed to fill in David’s name and Crush underneath the tag “Your choice not on the list”, then key in the security code then click “vote”, right? Where is the box for Crush? I’m confused lol *shakes head*

    As for the forum on AAM. I noticed that there are over 15,000 views on the Msia/Spore thread at IDF. Now surely that can’t be all due to Kylie’s nonstop postings!! hahaha. Seriously though who could be logging over 15k views on that thread? There must be a lot M’sian/S’porean Archies out there that are lurking and not revealing themselves. Now if those fans could be persuaded to park at AAM then we’ll have a humdinger of a fansite/forum. Question is how do we “delurk” them πŸ˜‰ Frankly I’d rather they come over to AAM then lurk at IDF. Any ideas guys?

    As for the figures for album/single sales, I’ll do some research and see what I can dig up. I know that Billboard supplies stats but you have to subscribe to the service. I’m sure there are sites out there that provide the info for free.

  17. John, the the little box right above the security code.
    You have to tick the box to vote for Crush that you have just requested. (Sorry if I made you confuse again).

  18. Kylie – joiz3 is my screen name. justine called my joyce because she knows my real name. choose whichever you like. haha. yes i do know chinese. i’m a little confused about how the requesting/voting system on ai fm because i don’t listen to it. my dad was listening to it so i just happened to hear. i’ll email them and inquire then i’ll get back to you guys. πŸ˜‰

    my initial suggestion was to have a section introducing the authors of AAM and how this project came about so that we can understand AAM more apart from knowing the authors’ name. somehow it evolved into a suggestion for a forum. lol. a forum would be great! personally i don’t really like idf. i used to go to archuletafans.com but have stopped for some time since it was taking a huge chunk of my time. spm. argggh. a forum for m’sian archies would be great! i’ve emailed AAM too offering help and support in any forms. so do let me know how i can help m’sia archie fanbase grow. =)

    John – the little box to vote for crush needs to be ticked! haha. it’s in the same column as all the other little boxes that needs to be ticked to vote for all other vids.

  19. Aaahhhh! I think he’s got it haha! I totally missed that little box at the end lol. I’ve been wasting all my clicking thus far haha. Oh my gosh silly me :-).

    Okay back to voting like a maniac hehheh πŸ˜‰

  20. ROTFL………

    I, Kylie, the most fanatic Archie in Malaysia singlehandedly raked up 15,000 views on the IDF thread!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!!!!!

    John, oh John, no wonder Crush hasnt charted on MTV yet…. hahahaha. So we will see some results soon?

    Sales chart
    I am not sure if they publish any sales charts for Malaysia. The record company (Jive/Sony Msia) should know the units of albums shipped out to Malaysia but not sure if they collect data of album sold. As for single downloads, the one place I can immediately think of is Guamuzik – Crush is one of the top 20 English download, again not sure if it’s #1 currently, it being positioned at the top of the list. I am thinking of emailing these people.


  21. Joyce, thanks so much! Anne will be very happy to know about your offer for help. She’s the owner of the site, the rest of us are just her kuli heheheh.

    Yes, please check out the Chinese radio stations – AI FM, 988, …. I cant even remember the station names. Online requesting or voting would be best for me, LOL, I dont think I want to call them and speak in Mandarin, that’ll be so paiseh. If possible, email to AAM the step-by-step guide with some screencaps – for the bananas’ benefit.

    But, Joyce, SPM/studies first and foremost!
    Same for you, Justine! Have you been burning the midnight oil??? I see that you’r e online well into the wee hours.

    I’m supposed to explore the Malay formats…. will try soon.

    We also want to use this site to concentrate on the Malaysian front – so keep it up with the updates, guys. Justine, when you get the Galaxie copy, please give us an “appetizer”.


  22. Oh you mean sales for M’sia. Weeell..I may be able to help there as well as I’m trying to contact somebody in the local music front for some info πŸ˜‰
    Fingers crossed. I do have total market value for M’sia though but I’ll reveal that later in an article I’m workin on hehe.

    Yes Justine, post that Galaxie pic on AAM, like what Anne did with the corn maze feature in the Star paper.

    SPM? What’s that? I’m sure Justine can pass that blindfolded haha. Kidding, of course you guys have to concentrate on studies first and I wish you and Joyce the best. Nov will be a pretty “ohmygoshashley’ type of month with David’s cd comin out. Gah! I can’t wait.:-)

  23. Oooooo, this is very exciting!!!!!
    John, hurry up with the article!!!!! We want to know as much and do as much! We are very serious when it comes to David’s success in Malaysia, it only mean more enjoyment for us πŸ™‚ Of course, the tour stop!

  24. wowwee!U guys are havin an archuparty here!LoL.

    Kylie, have i told you youre a total STAR? i think i have loll but i’ll say it again πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for taking the time to do the charts and everything,Especially the google spreadsheet omgosh. BIG kudos and hugs to you!
    and u guys are so not my kuli!! LOL. we’re all co-owners of this site..wouldnt be able to handle it without u all =)
    btw,lily told me abt the galaxie mag yday night and i er went to giant and got it πŸ˜› But a lil disappointed as there was only one picture and its not a solo david pic as well lol. its the pic of him and cook during the top 2 photoshoot..i’ll post it up later.


  25. Joyce !! Omgosh! I just checked ur wordpress blog and u know ee ling and joanna too!!! Talk about a SMALL world!! LOL.
    btw,thanks so much for the suggestion to help out!! We really need help with techie stuffs lol


  26. me burning midnight oil for spm? haha. naw. not so soon. my trials aren’t even over yet! i’m from an independent school so our timetable’s different. i’m on in the wee hours in the morning because… i’m half-nocturnal. haha. it’s a bad habit i’m trying to kick.

    mph just replied me regarding the david’s cd. sadly, they said that their supply will arrive in m’sia only 7-8 weeks after the US release. =( huge boo hoo. that’s nearly 2 months!!! i’m gonna die during spm month knowing that all the ohmygoshashley fun is going on out there while i’m stuck with my books. gaaaaah.

    i’ll get info regarding all other chinese stations and get back to you guys. aah. looks like my long yrs of chinese edu has finally come to use. haha.

  27. hang on. anne. anne what? which church are you from? LOL. the christian circle in m’sia is so teeny. who knows i might already know you without knowing it. hahaha.

  28. Kylie and John, I will scan it as soon as I can. Or maybe Anne will do it sooner. πŸ™‚

    Yes, Kylie, studies first. I know i know. Thank you for your concern yeah, Kylie and John. πŸ˜‰ Also, John, I don’t think I’ll be able to do it blindfolded. Nuh-uh. I should probably watch the video, “Joy, please do your homework.” as many times as I can, huh? Haha!

    Joiz3, sorry, did I blow your cover? Hehe. Hope you don’t mind me calling you Joyce over here. And SEVEN TO EIGHT WEEKS????????????????????

    WHAT! It’s completely arduous to wait that long!

  29. I like MPH a little less now. Can’t help it. Why oh why… Well, here’s hoping the CD outlets are more efficient. And Joyce, you won’t be alone with your revision books…you’ve got company: me! Haha. Just keep focussing on the incentive: David’s album. David’s album. David’s album. Soon. Soon. Soon. πŸ˜‰

  30. Whaat!? 7-8 weeks? Are they seriously serious? Well you can bet your nutter butters that the pirated version will be here way before then. MPH what’s up with you guys 😦

  31. Joyce-lol..actually its li anne,but usually ppl just call me anne for short πŸ˜› Im from a small church in klang hehe..what a small world indeed =)
    and…7-8 weeks befre the CD drops?!? Ohmygosh. i hope that only applies for MPH not the other music stores too ><


  32. Wow…many comments on this thread….and it’s your first one too… boom aka Kylie??..lol Good for you!! Really glad that i could inspired you for the spreadsheet..way to go..YOU..YOU!!

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