8 comments on “Photos of David in the studio and ‘imagine’ duet video

  1. Thanks for the pictures and video. The combination of Eva and David’s rendition of imagine left me speechless. Amazing. Seems like David has a lot of very creative fans. haha

  2. Lily I don’t have a myspace account so I can’t see any more of the photos I’m afraid 😦 You’ll have to “hijack” them from David’s myspace and bring them over here :-).

    The harmony of voices between Eva and David is simply exquisite. It’s like they’re actually having a jam session and both singing the song together. Their voices just melds and blend together so seamlessly – it’s sublime 🙂

    I imagine Eva and David having a connection with each other in a past life and it’s no coincidence that David would discover and connect with Eva’s music so strongly. They both show the same sensitive and subtly nuanced approach to the expression of their music. I think Eva would readily admit to recognizing a kindred spirit in David.

    After hearing this treatment of “Imagine” I’m again astounded by how truly gifted musicians can so move us with their artistry and I can’t understand why so many are dismissive and are so enamoured of all the screeching, ear splitting bombast of the contemporary music scene.

  3. Aww….. the Peace t-shirt he was wearing was given by my friend, ShellyShular from NYC when she met David at the concert in Cleveland.

  4. Hey Sharyne, welcome to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia and thanks for dropping by 🙂


  5. hey everyone, plesant evening.
    That video of Eva & David is pure bliss. I recalled during one of David’s interviews, he said his performance of Imagine was Eva’s version. It is no surpise why David A is a child prodigy, at 12, he had such fine taste in music & @17, he shares it with the world! How lucky are we?
    Can’t thank David A enough for keeping Eva’s music & memories alive! She is sadly missed.

  6. hey john .. sign up MySpace account quick not only for David’s pictures but for other reasons too!!! For your info as at todate @ 11.59am October 2nd our time the profile views = 6305817

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