14 comments on “FlyFM’s David Week – Day One Recap and Audio clips

  1. Wow, our very own Archuleta avenue! You guys are awesome. Kudos to Anne, Kylie, Lily & John
    for taking this off the ground in Malaysia! yay!
    I missed yesterday’s FlyFM show but managed to vote a little bit. I’ve been requesting to FlyFM for almost a month now & its terribly exciting to see the massive DA love from Flyfm, almost feel like dropping them a hamper for being so supportive. Anne, really like how you archuleatfied the djs! Look forward to hearing from all the Malaysian archangels, support each other with our ODD while we let David rest & storm the music scene. Selamat berpuasa to our muslim angles, love all, peace out!

  2. Welcome DJArox13! I’m sure I’ve seen you posting comments on the other fansites. hope you’ll make regular stops here from now on. 🙂


  3. DJArox13, welcome!!!! I’m thinking about the thank you gesture to FLY FM from Archuleta Avenue Malaysia! Keep you guys updated on that one!

    Meanwhile, please make this your DJA home :).
    We are glad to set up this site now that we are hearing more and more from Msian Angels.

    But, international fans, please comment too! We appreciate your support also!

  4. John, Kylie, I’m actually on sick leave (a little bit lost with the end of the tour) haha. actually, I had a bad fall and really blessed not having to report to the office today. So I had a few telephone calls done in the morning and indulge myself with all things David.
    I went to the main FB thread & apparently crush video is available for sale. Do you know if we could buy it directly from itunes?
    Sorry, silver angel here, never had an idol until David James, though I am a great fan of Mic Jackson! I just sent an a thank you -email to everyone at Flyfm for their awesome DA week!

  5. Kylie, I wrote to FlyFM djs and offered either mooncakes or ayam percik! You know, the autum festival for Msian chinese & buka puasa delights during this month!

  6. Crush music video premier today! How do we get a copy? i-tunes only allow US residents download!
    Any advise ?


  7. Melody, I can only think of the gifting campaign that is if Teamarchie is going ahead with that, I have to find out.

    I am not sure if Gua Muzik offers video. Will check it out.

  8. JUSTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Our first on air shoutout to ARCHULETA AVENUE MALAYSIA!

    LOL Justine explaine and spelled out “archuletavenue” and at Steve for actually understanding what she was saying and repeating it for the fans. WOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is FUN! THANK YOU JUSTINE!

  9. Ok I made my first ever on air request on a radio show. Steve said that he hopes more guys will call in after my fine example.:-) Oh David the things that you make me do lol!

  10. JOHN!!!!! I caught the phone conversation!!!! We love you! Watch my recap – you may need to edit some parts!

    But you need to call Steve again tomorrow and give a shoutout to Archuleta Avenue Malaysia. LOL

  11. I had actually called an hour before it was aired. I was getting worried that they might not air it. But they did. I sounded hideous. But you’re welcome. 🙂

  12. Justine, we usually don’t like our own voices when we hear it from elsewhere. But you were great to me! So precise. LOL David also doesnt like hearing his own voice.

    John, YAY! Another write-up! I’ll read it tonight. I need to sign off for now.

    Angels all around the world, David is SO loved by you all.

  13. melody, regarding the purchase of crush,refer to the latest post..hope it helps 😉
    and Woohoo!! for justine and john being on air! 😀

    – Anne

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