6 comments on “A look back in time

  1. Hey, John. I’ve just been recruited to the site. 🙂 Will begin posting once my trials end. The ‘Angels’ performance in Tulsa completely knocked the wind out of me. It seemed like it was capable of moving mountains, turning hearts, changing lives. And I wholeheartedly second that only David can outdo himself.

  2. First! Hah! so much easier to be the first to comment in home ground!
    John, I remember you, you were one of us to give David a tangible international gift when he turns 18!
    I have never doubted the musical master in David. Despite the mad mad talent he has shown, it has always seem as much of his talent has yet to be unleased, not because of his uncertainty, but because of his humility & impeccable taste in his own artistry. Like everyone, I am so anxious for David’s musical soul to emerge as one of the few 21st century Greats! I was one of those people who discover David very late as I have never watch AI. However, I was shocked at the way David was treated and decided to backtracked my research into all things David. Fell in love with him on his work ethics, his personality and HIS VOICE.
    Sorry for the long post. Bye for now:)

  3. Justine, hi! haha, always happen to me, gosh, I guess I must learn to type faster. So wonderful to see fellow Archies lovers!

  4. John, i totally agree with you that David gave his all in all his performances and only he can top it. Can he be any perfect? 🙂

  5. Hi John,

    You are so articulate in your writing too.
    Great job, you are a gem to this site. I enjoy your writing.

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